I’m an artist, Not a writer. Reaching out none the less.

I’m not a writer. I am a painter. The desire to create art for me, stems from a need to reach out to others. I’m hoping this proves to be fulfilling in a similar way. I will never give myself the title of “writer” because I think titles are something you earn, and I have no clue what i’m doing. This time in history gives everyone a creative license to express, regardless of skill level. case in point, I’m a terrible photographer with over 400 Instagram followers. My intro there reads

“real redhead real artist, I’ve got one cracked oar but I’m going to row like no tomorrow,…cheer or point and laugh, whichever”

I dislike taking photos, so  i was hesitant to even try Instagram. But I adore it.  A friend once said of me “If you walked past a rock everyday, eventually you would fall in love with it”  I don’t doubt that this is what happened with Instagram. or really, all of the people who I end up feeling connected to through it.  I felt so strongly about it that over the summer I did a series of paintings, all inspired by instagram photos taken by people who live in my city. mostly ones i hadn’t ever met. I was trying to make something most people wouldn’t see as “art” into just that. (the image featured is one from the series) Most people got it, some people were a bit surprised and weirded out.  After that I began to grow brave about adding more random people who wanted to “follow me” Maybe it is creepy to some people i mean even the term, “follow” has a slightly creepy ring to it. i suppose i did it out of curiosity. Mostly good experiences came from my decision. I learned strangers following usually fell into a few clear groups.

“gingerpriders” “art-enthusiasts”  “oglers”

The last two were half expected, and the titles speak for themselves. but the first group came as a complete surprise and ended up being my favorite of the strangers on my insta. You are probably scratching your head yourself just reading the term “gingerpriders” which I made up to explain the scenario. “gingerpriders” are Natural redheads who take the time to praise others like them, take interest in their lives and essentially form a community around the culture of being ginger. It can be an alienating experience, and most of us grow up with the teasing that is worsened by the fact that gingers seem to have extended awkward phases.  Because we have this weird shared experience/mutant ethnicity/pseudo culture, ginger fans seek out each-other. There are also fans who aren’t ginger themselves but are admirers to such a degree that they create whole pages devoted to the hair color.  anyway, this group now makes up over half my followers, and has caused some of my most  pleasant experiences and “insta-friendships”

The question is, who exactly is going to follow/read my blog, if anyone??

There is only one way to find out.


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