Amazing and Questionable Medical Remedies! For the cheap.

Cold and flu season is upon us! Most of you will be paying for it, adding to the over over 4 billion dollars a year Americans spend on cold medicine. If you give up on over the counter stuff, and take a trip to the germ hut, (hospital) that will be an additional 100$ on average per visit.  Poor? Up for gambling with your health just to avoid the money grubbing health industry bastards?! Me too!

Being cheap and gambling with my health comes naturally to me. Let’s face it, I’m an artist from rural Idaho.Even on my dad’s side I come from a long line of people who don’t necessarily trust hospitals. You get cut, stitch it yourself. This is the stock i came from, add in my moms very nervous side too, and you get someone who is afraid of the hospital and distrusting of it….Do we even need them? it costs thousands just to have a kid while our ancestors just squatted one out long the trail and kept on trucking. Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but you get my point.

Growing up, we didn’t have a hospital close by to run to for every scratch. I only went to the doctor if something was seriously wrong…like when I broke my arm, or when I fell on my head from a two story tall structure. (i know, explains a lot) Anyways, are you ready for my advice? 😀

Flu and the Common Cold:                                                                                                                                                   Don’t buy cold medicine. It only prolongs the symptoms. Your body fights harder when every part of it is fully aware something is wrong. When you wake up, drink a large cup of cayenne pepper mixed with chicken broth. Studies have proven chicken broth fights sickness. Cayenne pepper is good for you in general, but also clears your sinuses.

Sinus infections:
This is more preventative. When you get the sniffles, don’t blow your nose! Pressing one side of your nose and trying to blow all the mucus out is a bad idea, it drives the stuff further into your sinuses, eyes ears etc. Sinus infections are expensive. Just dab your nose if it runs. You will find  that your sinuses clear up much faster.

Pink eye:
If you didn’t listen to the “don’t blow your nose” advice your sinus infection could have spread to your eye. Or maybe a kid with pink eye sneezed in your face. I worked in daycare for six years, I’m no stranger to the embarrassing ailment. Here is my solution: Don’t go to the doctor. They will give you antibiotics or a spray/drops for your eye and it will be expensive. Instead, clean your eyes in the morning with a few drops of lemon juice mixed with hot water. Or you can go the crazy route, it actually works. Get a piece of white bread put a little milk on the middle and tape it to your eye before you go to bed. Somehow the milk proteins plus the breads absorbency clears it. In the morning it was totally gone, every time I did this.

Strep throat:                                                                                                                                                                     Working in daycare I had strep throat often, five times in a row one winter! I went to the doctor the first four times, a decision I questioned by round one, as I sat in a cold room at the hospital alone and shivering with a very high fever waiting for the staff to come back…and waiting for hours… later they apologized for forgetting me. Weeks later, despite hundreds of dollars and several rounds of antibiotics, it kept coming back. Finally, I did things my way. I was convinced they were doing this to get more money. So I decided, no more antibiotics for strep throat. My body fought it off in five days and I was fine. lets save the antibiotics and money for life threatening stuff! At the onset of being sick, gargle with salt water, and hope to God it isn’t strep throat.

My mom treated my fever the old fashioned way, blankets. It is frowned upon, but far more comfortable… So long as you don’t get to brain cooking temperatures, you will sweat it out and feel better. After all your body is trying to kill the germs. however, buy a thermometer.

And lastly, my number one piece of cheap advice is this:
When you are sick don’t complain! Attitude is everything, and what we focus on grows. Think positive!  If you walk around saying “I’m sick” as though you have a deathly illness, someone will make you go to the doctor. Mostly because they will be tired of you whining.  In fact, when someone asks you if you are sick, say no.For all you know, you could be on the verge of getting better, Don’t assume you are in for weeks of poor health, or maybe you will be!

These remedies probably seem weird, but they have served me well as a poor human/artist! Even if I won the lottery I would still use try these remedies first. My experience is that they work faster and are less unpleasant than modern medicine. That being said…I am not a doctor; obviously, since I don’t charge 400$ an hour and torture you at the germ hut (hospital). You could probably die from any of my suggestions, then again you could also be hit by a bus or die from a flesh-eating virus you picked up at the hospital.

Happy cold and flu season! 😀


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